Get your Arabic Back In Shape!

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Get your Arabic Back In Shape!

Want to learn languages while experiencing cultures in one day?

Arabic Language learning experience having fun

You’re in the right place.

Salam! I’m Phuong (or Taghreed), a Vietnamese student studying Arabic in Rabat, Morocco. I love learning languages and discovering new cultures and here’s what I have experienced from my one-day trip to Tifelt with Roots Academy as part of my Arabic language learning experience.

What to expect? 

What I expected, first and foremost, is relaxing. Arabic language experience making friendsA trip to the countryside to breathe fresh air after many days of rushing to work and study might help me a lot. As a language learner, I want to naturally enhance my skills through daily conversation and exchange culture. Besides, through this trip, I will have a wonderful chance to meet new friends from different countries in the world. And you know, “every person you meet knows something you don’t”.

What kind of Arabic language learning experience?

Arabic learning experience in a relaxing placeGetting there, we arrived at a beautiful villa in Tifelt, a town in Northwestern Morocco about one hour from Rabat. The weather was so nice that makes me feel calm and peaceful. The villa is extremely spacious and convenient.

We were perfectly welcomed by Professor Youssef El Berrichi, the director of Roots Academy, along with his family. They greeted us with a Moroccan breakfast with Harsha and Attay traditionally.

Arabic language learning experience with gamesDuring that time, we had a small talk to get to know each other. Then, we played charades, a word-guessing game, that helps learn languages in a fun way. My team didn’t win at last but we all enjoyed it!

Afterward, we had a cooking Rfissa workshop well-trained by Madame Fatiha, Professor Youssef’s mother. Arabic language learning experience with cooking classIt was an interesting activity. We were divided into small teams following each different part of the process. From my experience, I was trained to clean the chicken and make Msemmen. And it was hard for me to flip Msemmen by hand in the hot pan, maybe it requires a lot of practice time to do so. And finally, the result truly worthed our effort. Rfissa tasted delicious and we shared our meal on an extremely big plate together as a Moroccan family traditionally.


Later, after finishing our meal, we experienced singing an Andalusia song named “Lamma Bada Yatathanna” with a beautiful lyrical melody. We sang together like a real harmony and it seems that music brings us closer.

At the end of the day, we all had a good time there. I have learned a lot from my experience. I have also met some new friends and they are pretty cool and friendly! 

Well, language and culture are deeply connected. Language is the key to understanding culture. Learning languages is not only about learning skills but also about widening your knowledge of different cultures. Language allows us to express our feelings and thoughts through communication. So what could be better for your Arabic language learning than living in a multilingual environment for a day? You will learn something new!

Relive the Fun: Get your Arabic Back In Shape Event Recap!


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