Visit to Villa des Arts

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Visit to Villa des Arts

Students Contemplate Art at Villa des Arts

Author: Magan Leystra

Photo Credits: Trista Acebo


This Friday, our students had the opportunity to take in the beauty of contemporary Moroccan artwork at Villa des Arts. Constructed in 1929, the Villa was home to numerous Moroccan aristocrats, including an engineer who worked for the late Moroccan monarch, His Majesty Hassan II, may he rest in peace. Today, the museum houses the artwork of contemporary Moroccan artists such as Mohamed Melehi, Amina Agueznay, and Ahmed Cherkaoui. Located in the heart of Rabat, the museum adorns traditional Moroccan architecture with a contemporary twist. The Villa is open to the public during the week, free of charge.





Language Immersion Meets Artistic Appreciation 


(pictured left to right: Abdenacer Mamouda, Sofie Leathers, Fatima Zahra Aqil, Cisse Ngodjigui, Abdallah Mahamoud, Kotta Kambo Osilon Fabrice).


At the beginning of the tour, students were given a list of vocabulary terms and phrases from the Moroccan dialect to enhance their understanding of the recurring ideas and themes present in the artwork. Students were then able to practice these new words by listening to the tour guide, asking follow-up questions, and discussing the topics addressed with colleagues and instructors.  


Building Community through Immersion


Abdeslam Outaleb and Djenabou Barry entertained young Hassan during the tour.


This immersive experience, while linguistically beneficial, helped students and instructors develop a sense of community and mutual understanding. One of Roots’ goals is to create an atmosphere of free-flowing exchange of ideas and knowledge to encourage students to use their language to express themselves and their backgrounds clearly. The visit to Villa des Artes is just one of many examples of how Roots incorporates progressive values of inclusion, diversity, and integrity into our programs. 



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